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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 17, 2014 4:00am-4:31am JST

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glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. fighting is intensifying in iraq where the military is launching full-scale operations against al qaeda-linked militants. the insurgents have responded with an attack on a military facility. leaders of neighboring countries and the united states say they're ready to provide support to help fight the militants. nhk world's yuri ito has more. >> reporter: military helicopters have been conducting a series of air strikes on
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insurgent positions and vehicles. on sunday, they bombarded at least five locations, including areas close to tikrit and the western city of fallujah. the military says the attacks have killed more than 200 people. meanwhile, the militants have posted photos on twitter showing groups of men being led away by gunmen. the men in civilian clothes are believed to be iraqi security forces. other photos appear to show them being shot. the islamic extremists have been advancing south toward baghdad since capturing iraq's second largest city of mosul last week. the al qaeda-linked militants have strengthened their base in neighboring syria. the group joined syria's anti-government forces and became significantly stronger. they recruited foreign fighters and secured arms and moneys from other countries. the militants have also been gaining more influence because of growing antagonism between
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iraq's shia muslims and sunnis. the sunnis have been unhappy with prime minister nuri al maliki's preferential treatment of the shia majority. sectarian divisions deepened after a political block led by maliki won parliamentary elections in april. analysts say the militants have played on sunni dissatisfaction and managed to gain ground in sunni populated areas. u.s. president barack obama has suggested he needs several days >> we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq, but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces. >> reporter: the pentagon has ordered aircraft carrier, the uss george h. w. bush to go to the persian gulf to give the u.s. more military options in
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iraq. obama says the u.s. will intervene only if iraqi leaders overcome sectarian divisions and work toward political stability. iraq's neighbor iran also a shia dominated country did not rule out the possibility of cooperating with the u.s. >> translator: if the u.s. is going to fight the terrorists in iraq, iran will consider cooperating. >> reporter: rouhani's statement comes despite ongoing differences with the u.s. over iran's nuclear development program. but analysts say iran's involvement would highlight the shia-sunni conflict and risk it spilling over to other countries in the middle east. they say obama faces a tough decision as he needs to stop the insurgency from becoming a full-scale civil war while trying to avoid a large military intervention. yuri ito, nhk world. ukraine's energy minister says the country's supply of natural gas from russia has been
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cut off, but yuriy prodan says it is still being sent through his nation to europe. prodan guaranteed that the westward flow will continue. officials of russia's state controlled gas company shut off supplies after ukraine failed to pay its debt by a deadline set for 10:00 a.m. monday moscow time. gazprom says it switched to an advanced payment system and will not restart distribution until ukraine pays its bills. the company says it will continue to supply gas to europe via pipelines crossing ukraine. the two countries negotiated prices with mediation by the european union. but last-ditch efforts failed to produce a breakthrough. japanese firms are making their debut at the world's largest defense and security firm. japan eased export restrictions earlier this year to allow
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greater transfer of defense equipment. japanese companies are displaying their wares at the eurosatari expo near paris. it has attracted companies from around the world. the japanese defense ministry encouraged heavy industries and electronics companies to join. exhibits include armored cars and a prototype vehicle that can destroy land mines. japanese firms can export certain defense products for the first time in nearly 40 years. and company officials are trying to grab new opportunities. >> translator: we want many visitors from around the world to see the high level of japanese technology. >> government officials visiting the expo are showing interest in japanese-made defense equipment. officials from egypt say they hope to form trade relationships
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with japanese firms. >> we do feel japanese made even for electronic systems, because we feel it's very, very good. >> japanese government officials say they loosened arms export regulations so domestic companies can develop defense equipment with foreign counterparts. the japanese government is looking at ways to keep the economy on track for steady growth. it's drawn up a draft of a new economic growth strategy. the measures reflect calls from business leaders such as corporate tax cuts. the government presented a draft at a meeting of a panel on industrial competitiveness. this is the second time for prime minister shinzo abe's administration to prepare such a strategy following one last year. >> translator: abenomics has brought about a virtuous cycle in our economy. we need to proceed with the
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plans in the draft to achieve a sustained growth trajectory. >> the new strategy includes a plan to reduce the corporate tax rate to below 30% from the current 35% within several years beginning in the next fiscal year. the government will also review as soon as possible the investment portfolio of a public pension fund to put more money into stocks. the fund is the biggest of its kind in the world, managing more than $1.1 trillion. the draft also calls for legislation to set up a new labor system. it would include the introduction of performance-based salaries for employees with special professional skills. the government plans to discuss the draft with the ruling coalition and submit it for approval at a cabinet meeting on june 27th. boeing executives say they hope to develop closer production ties with japanese companies. the u.s. aircraft giant said
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last week that 1/5 of the fuselage for its new passenger plane will be built in japan. boeing japan's president made the comment at a meeting of about 30 japanese firms. george maffeo said boeing hopes to expand beyond fuselage production to develop closer ties with japanese partners. nissan motor is among the companies that said the offer has potential. >> translator: we haven't done business with companies in the aircraft industry, but our cutting edge automobile technology might be valuable for airliners. >> japanese companies build about 35% of the fuselage for boeing's 787 and are set to build about 21% of the next generation wide body 777-x jets. but economy ministry officials say japanese companies have made little headway in sales of electronic equipment for cockpits. government and company
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officials throughout the globe are facing the challenge of protecting confidential and personal data from new types of computer viruses. now major japanese electronics manufacturer nec has unveiled its latest facility against cyber attacks. nec engineers say they are able to monitor computer networks of clients at the new facility in tokyo. when signs of virus and information leaks are detected, they take appropriate steps. >> translator: the initial response speed is crucial. we must quickly find holes in the system and respond. that's the key to protecting our customers from data leaks. >> nec is planning to build similar facilities in and outside japan. another electronics manufacturer, fujitsu, set up an organization in january to head off cyber attacks. honda motor has been showing off its latest technological
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star. an electric vehicle that drives itself into a domestic port to recharge its battery. engineers at the japanese auto maker began testing the autonomous technology at a house just outside tokyo on monday. a smart phone is used to instruct the vehicle to drive into a garage. the vehicle finds the charging port from an installed map using censors to avoid obstacles. once the car settles down, it begins to recharge through a wireless device. >> translator: the system would be a great help for drivers who find parking difficult. and it allows efficient recharging. we'd want to make it ready for practical use in the near future. >> engineers say they'll test to determine if the system functions properly in storms, heavy snow, and other severe
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conditions. managers at japanese electronics manufacturers say the consumption tax increase in april has hurt their sales. they're launching new products earlier than planned to make up for that. officials at panasonic say they'll put the firm's latest compact digital camera on the market in july. that's one month earlier than usual. it's the first compact digital camera to use 4k high definition technology. panasonic hopes to attract consumers who are thinking of buying a new camera with their summer bonuses. and managers at mitsubishi electric say the company will launch its new line of refrigerators this month. mitsubishi usually rolls out new products in september ahead of the year-end sales campaign. the official will start selling its new rice cookers in july. that's two months earlier than usual. a mitsubishi official says the higher tax has dampened sales, but he says the company can counter that trend if it
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launches new products earlier. another electronics manufacturer, toshiba, has already begun selling its new microwave obviovens and rice cos ahead of schedule. and now, the latest world cup soccer from brazil. the germans have opened their campaign in style, putting four past portugal. thomas miller got a hat trick in the team's 100th appearance at a world cup finals. miller opened the scoring in the 12th minute from the penalty spot. a defender doubled the lead 20 minutes later heading in from a corner. portugal dug themselves a deeper hole in the 37th minute when defender pepe head butted miller and got a straight red card. miller made it 3-0 just before halftime, and he finished the
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rout in the 78th minute. the final score 4-0. the three-time champions go top of group g, the so-called group of death. and the u.s. plays ghana later today. pakistani military officials say the country's forces have launched more air strikes on militant positions in the northwest. the tribal area of north waziristan borders afghanistan. it serves as a base for islamic extremists. roselyn debhavalya in bangkok has the details. >> the air raids came one day after pakistan announced the start of a massive military operation targeting the extremists. the operation was apparently in response to last week's attack by insurgents on the international airport in karachi. dozens of residents in north waziristan have fled the area. >> translator: the people of waziristan are fleeing, but no houses are available and no arrangements have been made.
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it's extremely hot and we have children and elderly people with us. >> the pakistan military says at least 27 militants were killed in six air strikes on monday, but there's no word on whether the dead were militants or civilians. media access to north waziristan is highly restricted. the prime minister nawaz sharif has been trying to initiate peace talks with the nation's largest islamist militant organization, the pakistani taliban. a government delegation opened negotiations with representatives of the extremist group earlier this year, but the dialogue stalled. earlier this month, militants launched a deadly attack on the international airport in karachi. pakistani military officials announced on sunday the start of a full-scale operation. as many as 10,000 personnel have been dispatched, including ground troops. the officials say the mission will include targeting militant hide-outs. this is the largest
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counterinsurgency maneuver by the pakistani military since 2009. analysts point out that north waziristan is a base for not only the pakistani taliban, but also other international terrorist groups. >> i think we will be able to establish ourselves over there, clean these sanctuaries, and then i think the incidents of terrorist attacks within pakistan and outside will also reduce. >> in a statement on monday, the pakistani taliban warned foreign companies to leave pakistan immediately. it said the government is using taxes collected from them to fund their military action. the move is seen as an apparent attempt to hurt pakistan's economy and put pressure on the government. people in afghanistan are waiting for the results of the runoff presidential election. they're expected on july 2nd. there are two candidates in the
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running. former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is from the ethnic tajik minority. he enjoys support in the northern part of the country. the other candidate, former finance minister ashraf ghani is from the ethnic pashtun majority. he has brought support in the eastern and southern parts. the election campaign has only served to highlight the difficulties the eventual president will have in uniting the country. nhk world's masaki suda reports. >> reporter: it's hard not to notice that foreign foreign minister abdullah abdullah is popular in the northern part of afghanistan. the towns are plastered with posters and signs calling on people to vote for abdullah in the election. and praising his achievements. many people in northern afghanistan are ethnic tajiks and they fully support abdullah. tajiks have a deep-rooted mistrust of the pashtuns, who
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made up the majority of the former taliban government. mohamed sadiq is a tajik. he said during the 1990s when afghanistan was under taliban rule, they one day ordered him to leave his home. when sadiq refused, the taliban forced him out. sadiq's father was tortured to death. sadiq says after that, he developed a strong hatred for the taliban, which eventually grew to include all pashtun people. >> translator: i fear that a pashtun government might be established in this country again. they killed my father. i strongly oppose the kind of government that destroyed our lives. >> reporter: members of a tajik
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organization says they will reject the results if abdullah fails to win the runoff on saturday. >> translator: abdullah could win the first round of election in april do to wrongdoings. we must go out to the streets to protest if the injustice happens again. >> reporter: this is the eastern province. most of its residents are pashtuns. this is the campaign office for ashraf ghani. ghani's staff are using social media to send out messages critical of abdullah. >> translator: the entire country will fall into a chaos if abdullah takes power. we are sending out these messages to stop such a misfortune from happening. >> reporter: the pashtun have a deep-rooted hatred for the tajiks. this has become even more
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pronounced since the collapse of the taliban regime in 2001. this man is a pashtun. shortly after the taliban were removed from power, a group of tajiks broke into his house. they claim his son was a member of the taliban, something he denied. the persecution continued until he eventually had no choice but to abandon his work and home and flee for safety. >> translator: tragics condemned us as taliban members, even though we are not. we experienced a lot of mistreatment, and i'm quite sure this country will face another civil war if abdullah, a tajik, comes to power. >> reporter: the ethnic divisions in afghanistan run deep. it's going to take someone with a skilled hand to achieve reconciliation between the
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various groups, and unite the entire country. masaki suda, nhk world. that wraps up our bulletin. i'm roselyn debhavalya in bangkok. a court in china has handed down death sentences in connection with a car crash last october near tiananmen square in beijing. a car crashed into a crowd of people before it burst into flames. six people were killed, including three in the car. 39 others were injured. investigators concluded the incident was an act of terrorism. they say the group behind it were advocating for the independence of the uighur autonomous region. chinese state run television reports a court gave death sentences to three people. five others reportedly received sentences of between five years and life in prison. the report says the defendants had set up a terrorist group
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three years ago. it says they prepared for the attack by purchasing gasoline and swords and visiting the site. the government's swift conclusion on terrorism raised questions inside and outside china. the beijing-based academic ilham tohti said the conclusion lacked sufficient evidence. he was arrested in january for advocating uighur independence and threatening national security. the former formula one champion michael schumacher has emerged from his coma and left hospital. his manager says he is on the mend, about six months after a skiing accident left him in critical condition. schumacher fell and hit his head on a rock while skiing last december in the french resort meribel. they kept him in a coma to reduce brain swelling. schumacher's manager says the 45-year-old has now regained consciousness.
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he's left the hospital in grenoble and will continue his rehabilitation at an undisclosed location. the german made his f1 debut in 1991. he went on to win a record seven world titles. it seems like there's a coffee shop on every corner in tokyo, and the business is about to get even more competitive. an increasing number of companies are opening up caves, and it's for more than just coffee. nhk world's estella mak explains. >> reporter: this cafe sells what is said to be some of the world's best coffee. the interior was designed by one of japan's top architects. it's located in a stylish district of tokyo. from the interior to the music, the entire setting is all about luxury and refinement. who runs this cafe? this wall offers a clue.
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it's a sculpture made of wheels, pistons, and other car parts. an automaker known for high end models opened this cafe. it aims to promote its autos to coffee drinkers, but you won't find any actual cars here. rather, the idea is to rev up the imagination of the customers. >> translator: it's a gorgeous interior. i wish my home was like this. i'd also like to try driving one of the cars. >> reporter: this cafe is for people who like to create. customers are free to scribble all over the place. the floors, the walls, even the washrooms. the management doesn't mind a bit. a company that runs this cafe makes the pen its customer is using. patrons can choose from many different kinds of pens that draw in all the colors of the
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rainbow. >> translator: it's fun. i can draw on the wall as much as i want. it's been a long time since i last used crayons. >> reporter: more and more companies that are opening cafes are from completely unrelated fields. anything from furniture to sporting gear. it won't be easy to make a profit in the already crowded cafe trade, but then, it's not really coffee these newcomers are selling, it's their core businesses. another company entering the cafe business is japan's leading online retailer. its first so-called brick-and-mortar store is this cafe in the middle of the trendy shibuya district. customers can buy a serving of some of the most popular foods and beverages available on the firm's online site. patrons can taste products before deciding whether to buy them online.
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>> translator: i don't usually order food online, but if i like the taste of it, i might buy some. >> reporter: placing orders is a breeze. there's a lot of information about the products, as well as the website addresses of the sellers. customers can get on the internet and arrange to have the products delivered to their home. people can also browse through some pages of fashion magazines and other publications for free on the company's e-book readers. >> translator: i had the impression that e-book readers are hard to read, but i try one here, i might buy one because it was easier to use than i assumed. >> reporter: staff can also help with the services offered by the company, including travel, credit cards and life insurance. >> we wanted to express our
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brand here in shibuya, and the reason why we chose cafe is the people can hear and touch our service. >> reporter: cafes have long been hangouts for people from all walks of life. now retail companies see the cafe patrons as potential customers. behind a cool, relaxed atmosphere of the new caves, the competition is heating up. estella mak, nhk world.fes, the competition is heating up. estella mak, nhk, the competition is heating up. estella mak, nhk worlfes, the competition is heating up. estella mak, nhk world. and next, here's a three-day outlook on the weather around the globe.
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and that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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at the time of the disaster, children are very vulnerable and unable to evacuate by themselves, so it's the role of kindergarten and nursery school teachers to help them escape to safety. drawing lessons from the great east japan earthquake, new protective measures are being reviewed at kindergartens and nursery schools all over tohoku. >> translator: on a routine


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